Our team

Our team has a wealth of experience working in a variety of different organisations and on a range of different themes, ensuring that each and every project is staffed by experts.


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Eilís Lawlor



Eilís has over ten years experience of working in research and evaluation. Prior to founding Just Economics, she worked for the new economics foundation (nef) where she ran a programme area on SROI. As lead researcher on the Measuring What Matters programme, she produced some of the first SROIs to be published in the UK and was pivotal in establishing SROI as a credible evaluation tool. She is widely published in a number of policy areas and is a co-author with Eva Neitzert of the official Cabinet Office guide to SROI. She is a member of both the SROI Network's National Council and Assurance Panel. 


  Dr. Sue Campbell



Dr Sue Campbell has  extensive experience of supporting NGOs to develop robust measurement systems to assess their impact, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. She worked previously for Charities Evaluation Services, where she developed and delivered UK-wide programmes aimed at helping NGOs and social business to demonstrate and improve their effectiveness. She holds a PhD in Psychology, which focused on quantitative research into the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease, has a variety of publications, including in peer-reviewed academic journals. She has experience conducting research with vulnerable adults, healthcare professionals, parents and young children. She was also previously Head of Training and Learning at BOND where she worked on projects relating to value for money, theories of change and NGO impact.




    Niamh Bowen



Niamh holds a degree in Psychology from Trinity College, Dublin and an MA in Women's Studies from the University of Limerick, Ireland. Niamh has worked as a social researcher on projects focused on social exclusion, digital inclusion, as well as academic research on study skills and use of technology in the classroom. She has over 15 years experience of working in disengaged communities in Ireland, having a broad experience of interacting across many different types of groups. She has previously worked on a research project aimed at identifying the needs of recidivist offenders, which resulted in a community-based service for young offenders being set up in West Dublin. Niamh currently facilitates a community addiction recovery programme for women recovering from substance abuse.


Eva Neitzert



Eva is a Just Economics associate. She previously headed up the Business, Economics and Finance programme at the New Economics Foundation. Eva holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, where she also taught research methods. Her publications include reports for the Cabinet Office on Social Return on Investment and on commissioning from third sector organisations. She has worked extensively with both public sector and third sector clients.


Katy Joyce


Katy is a trained researcher with an interest in the effectiveness of international development and aid projects. She has previously lived and worked in Africa, including spending six months in Sudan working for the British Council and Marie Stopes International. The former role included the evaluation of a community educational project. Katy is also a PhD candidate at the University of Sussex where her studies the effectiveness of an intervention for internally displaced people in Uganda. She has also previously worked in a research role for the Institute for Development Studies.  


   Stephen Spratt

   Expert Adviser


Dr Stephen Spratt's research interests relate to development finance, financial sector reform and regulation, socially responsible investment (SRI), the emerging climate change financing architecture and the intersection between these issues. Professionally, he has been Head of the Sustainable Markets Group at IIED, Research Director at the New Economics Foundation and a Lecturer in international finance and development at the University of Reading. He has also worked in the private sector in the City of London, as Head of Research at Intelligence Capital Limited, Senior Investment analyst with Global Asset Management Limited and a Visiting Fellow in the Global Research Department at State Street Bank & Trust. Stephen holds a BA from the University of East Anglia, an MSc from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and a DPhil from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.