Research and policy

We provide a range of research services from literature reviews through to statistical analysis and value for money assessments. Our staff are experienced in qualitative, quantitative and policy-focused research. We use primary, secondary and desk-based approaches, as appropriate to the research questions and needs of the client.

Our services include:

Our emphasis is on working with clients who have a strong research and evidence culture, or where there is an interest in building one. We see the research process as collaborative and are committed to ensuring that we embed processes and skills within the organisations we work with to ensure they benefit beyond the life of the project.

We work with the public, private and voluntary sectors, including universities, thinktanks, unions, national and international NGOs, companies and social enterprises. We aim to occupy the space between policy and academia and produce research that is rigorous yet accessible. All of our research is grounded in academic literature and we ensure that we are building on the latest developments in the subject area.

Related projects

Just Economics Living Streets Report Cover
The Pedestrian Pound

This report presents evidence that investment in better streets and places can deliver commercial returns to businesses and investors, as well as improve consumer’s perceptions of high streets. Four performance indicators for these investments were identified through a review of the existing literature:  impact on existing business performance (footfall and retail); urban regeneration (new business, rental income, employment, social exclusion etc.); improved consumer and business perceptions, and business diversity.

Iied Case Study Image
Principles of socially-responsible investment

How can investors be encouraged to consider more than purely commercial and short-term gains? Various sets of investment principles have emerged in recent years to guide socially responsible investment. These principles aim to incorporate social, environmental and governance criteria into investment decisions in order to enhance the benefits and reduce the damaging effects of investment for development. This review for IIED takes a first step in assessing the content, take-up, implementation and impact of the four main sets of principles for socially-responsible investment.

Focus areas

Our client base ranges from local charities to public sector bodies and global corporates. We apply our expertise to key focus areas that our team are passionate about.

Who we work with

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