Social impact of technology

Technological development has profound impacts on our lives. Just Economics are experts in the measurement of the social impacts of technology and have a good understanding of the challenges of doing evaluation in this area. We have also carried out several literature reviews, including on the impact of the internet on social isolation and loneliness. Current projects include a data synthesis and review of evaluation options for technology-enabled care on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Digital inclusion, Health and well-being, Social impact of technology
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Technology Enabled Care Data Review and Evaluation Options Study

The TEC data review and evaluation options study provides a synthesis and review of existing TEC evaluation evidence and sets out considerations for further evaluation activity. This report presents the findings from the TEC data review and evaluation option study. 

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Microsoft YouthSpark Evaluation

YouthSpark is a flagship programme of Microsoft Philanthropies, which aims to enable young people around the world to learn digital and computer science skills. The skills range includes: the ability to survive in an increasingly digital world, understanding how that world works, how to use and create technologies, through to the specialised skills needed for specific technology careers. As well as having an intrinsic value, these skills also help to build vital cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, computational skills and information management, which are highly valued by industry. 

This qualitative evaluation assessed the extent to which YOuthSpark was achieving its mission and objectives. Over 100 stakheolders were engaged and site visits were conducted in the Middle East and Africa, Europe and Asia. The evaluation was commissioned to feed into Microsoft's strategic planning process and to inform its future strategy for YouthSpark. 

Digital inclusion, Disability, Health and well-being, Social impact of technology
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Living Digitally: an evaluation of CleverCogs

This is a summary report of the evaluation of CleverCogs™ – a digital care and support system - developed by Blackwood Homes and Care. It was designed to increase digital participation in adults receiving care and support packages and enable increased use of Technology Enabled Care. This evaluation, commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government is a mixed methods study that measures changes in outcomes for customers before and after the introduction of the technology. This report sets out the key findings from the evaluation in relation to these outcomes. The full evaluation report is available on request.