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The value of integrated working

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There is an established need for women-oriented services, particularly in relation to violence, abuse and mental health, and an emerging evidence base on the benefits that gender-sensitive services can bring.

The aim of the Coventry women's partnership is to to improve outcomes for vulnerable women locally by providing a more joined-up, needs-led service across five women's organisations. The project was a three-year pilot funded by the Smallwood Trust and coordinated by the Women's Budget Group. 

Women reported substantial – and statistically significant – improvements in their mental health, physical health, relationships, finances, debt, legal status and housing. Service staff also reported that increased collaboration, more effective referrals and greater knowledge of partner services had improved the quality of services and, as a result, also outcomes for women.

“We have really valued the expertise and understanding of our aims that Just Economics has brought to assessing the SROI of our partnership project with women’s organisations in Coventry. Eilis and her colleagues have worked closely with all partners, taking the time to make sure everyone understands the methodology and that their work meets the needs of all project partners.”

Women's Budget Group