Health and well-being

Our work in this field spans a range of topics, including mental health, community nursing, technology and social care projects. In addition, we have worked on a range of health economics projects. We regularly use quality of life and well-being measures in our studies and have a good understanding of the science of well-being measurement. Current clients in this field are the London School of Economics and the Health Service Executive of Ireland. 

Health and well-being
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Evaluability Assessment of the Recovery Approach in Mental Health

In most Anglophone countries, many of which also experience high concentrations of mental illness, the concept of recovery has come to underpin mental health policy. Core to the critique of the traditional approach to mental health service provision was the need for a shift from services based on clinical recovery (e.g. symptom reduction) to recovery as defined by the service user’s view of what is needed to live a meaningful life. 

This study is an Evaluability Assessment of the approach as expressed through the National Framework for Recovery in Mental Health. The project seeks to assess whether an evaluation of the framework is feasible and desirable, and if not, what else would need to be in place to faciliate this. In line with the Recovery Approach itself, the proposed evaluation activities will involve users in their design adn implementation. The study will also draw on international best practice in recovery measurement and seek to work with the grain of existing public service delivery and evaluation. The study completes in December 2018. 

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Living Digitally: an evaluation of CleverCogs

This is a summary report of the evaluation of CleverCogs™ – a digital care and support system - developed by Blackwood Homes and Care. It was designed to increase digital participation in adults receiving care and support packages and enable increased use of Technology Enabled Care. This evaluation, commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government is a mixed methods study that measures changes in outcomes for customers before and after the introduction of the technology. This report sets out the key findings from the evaluation in relation to these outcomes. The full evaluation report is available on request.