• Housing and homelessness

The social impact of Approved Housing Bodies in Ireland


In 2022, three of the largest Approved Housing Bodies in Ireland– Clúid Housing, Respond and Circle VHA – commissioned Just Economics to identify common outcomes across the sector and a methodology for measuring those outcomes and determining social impact.

The resulting measurement framework was informed by both international best practice and stakeholder views on the things that tenants value.

The purpose of the measurement framework is to systematically evidence the outcomes for tenants in AHB social housing. The framework has four objectives:

  1. Provide a richer picture of who lives in social housing, what their needs are and their satisfaction with their tenancies.
  2. Enable AHBs to evidence their impact as individual organisations and as a sector.
  3. Support continuous improvement by providing timely data on strengths and weaknesses in the design, delivery or management of housing.
  4. Influence the wider AHB/social housing sector to work towards a common framework for the sector in order to build a robust sector-wide evidence base that can inform future housing policy.

Two reports have been produced to inform the development and implementation of the framework. The first report describes the framework and how it should be utilised. The second, describes the evidence-base that underpins it.

The framework is now being implemented within each of the AHBs with a view to reporting on the findings in the future.

“With this research, we mark a new beginning. We three organisations are commencing a journey to measure the profound work and impact of AHBs. We are happy to share our progress and findings with you all in the hopes that you will join us along the way. Together, we can continue building communities where every individual has the chance to thrive and fully live their life, contributing to a fair and equitable society”

Decland Dunne, CEO Respond; John Hannigan, CEO, Circle VHA; Brian O'Gorman, CEO Clúid
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