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International development and finance
Evaluation of the Nordic Development Fund

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) is the joint development finance institution of the five Nordic countries. The objective of NDF's operations is to facilitate climate change investments, primarily in low-income countries.  NDF finances projects usually in cooperation with bilateral, multilateral and other development institutions. The operations mirror the Nordic countries’ priorities in the areas of climate change and development. 

This report assesses the social and environmental impact of NDF in the countries within which it invests, and makes recommendations to improve its development impact in the future. 

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Children and young people
Breaking Point

In March 2019, Barnardos commissioned Just Economics to undertake research on the impact of the current funding environment on their services. This report formed the basis of Barnardos 2020 budget submission. It describes how a constrained funding environment is rapidly becoming unsustainable fororganisations working with children and families. It sets out the costs ot society of historic underinvestment and the impact this had on societal outcomes such as health, crime, well-being. An index of these outcomes shows how Ireland is second from the bottom in a sample of European economies.  The report sets out a series of recommendations to could strengthen organisational sustainablity and, in turn, their ability to meet needs within their communities. 

Education, employment and economic development
1200Px Parnell Street  Dublin Ireland  Panoramio
Evaluation framework for the Dublin's North East Inner City regeneration

The NEIC initiative was established to implement the recommendations of the Mulvey Report (2017)to support the long term social and economic regeneration of Dublin's North East Inner City. In 2019, Just Economics were engaged by the Departmen of an Taoiseach to produce a report on how best to evaluate the impact of the initiative. the work broadly focused on:

- Developing, following consultation, an evaluation model i.e. theories of change for each subgroup which are intended to inform strategic plans for each of the subgroups.
- Identfifying performance indicators for each subgroup. 
- Presenting options for conducting evaluation of the initiative

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Our client base ranges from local charities to public sector bodies and global corporates. We apply our expertise to key focus areas that our team are passionate about.

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