At Just Economics we believe that research should be rigorous yet accessible, and support our clients to use evidence to implement progressive change

International development, finance and environment
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Core concepts in blended finance: assessment of uses and implications for evaluation

Commissioned by the OECD, this paper presents findings from research on how blended finance actors use and define different key concepts, and what implications these understandings have for evaluators. 

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Health and well-being, International development, finance and environment
Dead Loss: the high cost of poor salmon farming practices

This economic analysis of salmon farming reveals that the industry has produced negative externalities worth in the region of USD$47 billion since 2013. 

Health and well-being
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Discover/Recover Theatre Project

Discover/Recover is a preventative mental health project aimed at school children. This evaluation found it to be effective in improving mental health literacy and help-seeking behaviour, and reducing stigma.

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Our client base ranges from local charities to public sector bodies and global corporates. We apply our expertise to key focus areas that our team are passionate about.

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